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Owning your own Business Series: Finding Vendors

At this point you should have done your homework, the business you have decided to open is needed and etc. etc. Now where will you buy your goods from ? Wholesale vendors can be both easy and hard to find AND again I promised no lying, some can me a nightmare to work with. You want to read every little thing on “their” requirements. Be very careful about any wholesale vendor that requires you to purchase a certain amount of product from them every single month OR if they want to automatically charge your account every month. The reason I caution against that is let’s say you find what you feel is a great product and of course you want to think positive, you can move $500.00 wholesale price of that every month. You get your great product at a great price AND your customers won’t even look at it. YIKES yes this does happen and first let me say do not panic, you won’t get it right every single time and it isn’t a big deal but the really big deal is here UH OH you signed up for automatic payment and a promise to move so much of whatever this product is……be careful, again read their requirements before making a huge commitment. Finding good vendors to fit your needs takes some time, don’t just use the first one you find. Do your research and find several, in this case variety is going to be your best bet.

Next is price, it is a very good idea to make sure that you will be able to mark up no less than 50% if you can mark up more than 50% that is great but yes there is going to be times that 50% is all you are going to get BUT if you will be selling quite a bit of that product at 50% mark up that will be much better than only selling a few at a 70% mark up. The bottom line is the key here. Another key factor in selecting vendors are what is the minimum order ? Yes almost all wholesale vendors have a minimum order again you want to be selective here because sadly yes there will be times when you really want to make that sale but just don’t have $500 on hand to buy with. Depending on the product, that may be worth it and it may not be, planning is so important with keeping your inventory full, saying it again CHOOSE CAREFULLY. Now last but not least to import or not import. I say maybe and it depends on what you are importing. If you happen to find this fantastic product that you feel will really fly off your shelves AND again you have done your homework, no one for miles around are selling this fantastic product and if it is selling online, you can sell it at the same price and people will come buy from you because taa daaa no shipping. In this case I say IMPORT. Remember when you import you usually will have to import a large amount of something to make it worth while. Make charts and notes so that you can see EXACTLY how, if people did buy the product, will play out.

Owning your own Business Series

I have been asked ALOT about what it is like setting up and running your own business and living the life that you want. I want to be VERY clear, I am not an expert on this subject and yes somewhere either online or in person, there are plenty of others that are much more qualified and far more successful than I am. What I will promise you is the honest, dirty little secrets, truth about how it actually is. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme or you expect this series to be filled with OH MY this is all such wonderful stuff with fluffy butterflies and angels singing….NOPE that will not be coming from me, sorry. Nothing depressing or hopefully won’t be discouraging anyone who wants to either start their own business or wants to kinda compare if you are heading in the right direction and at what point do you say time to change things up.

I can only tell you how it has been working or not working for me and again I want to clarify very carefully, this is how “I” have done it and it will be my experiences, what I have tried so far, why certain things did not work and why certain things have worked. It won’t be a “do it like this or else you will fail” but hopefully more of a down and dirty to the point of what it really takes to run a business, how to keep afloat during those lean times (yeah they don’t tell you any of that in the run your own business seminars and how to get rich books), what I have done to keep my chin up, my opinion on when to switch sides so to speak, and many more subjects. I have read just about every book on how to run a successful business, how to be positive, how to’s on just a huge amount of information but again not one speaks on the deep dark scary secrets (ok I will stop it with that stuff, just kidding). None of it will contain how to get rich quick, I will not require you to buy anything but what I would like to ask of you please, if any of my up coming articles help you in any way….PASS IT ON. If you really want to give something if they help you Please consider giving a monetary donation to your favorite Animal place, such as a shelter, pet sanctuary, non kill shelters or adopt a shelter animal. Not too much to ask ? Also feel free to email me your thoughts even if you think I suck, all criticism are accepted as I think that will be the first article, how much “friend” advice should you take or in a more simple term, if they really knew all that then why don’t they have a business. Yes I am just a tad sarcastic but it is my style so again hopefully this series will help those who are thinking of getting their feet wet and living the “I own my own Company” life. Oh yeah you need an email it is crochetqueen1 at yahoo dot com sorry don’t want robots getting it.

Welcome 2015 and TAA DAAA

I always try my hardest with this computer stuff but finally I GIVE UP sorta. There will be no more look at the fancy schmancy from me, the fact is I am one heck of a business person, accountant, crocheter, knitter, writer about it and a few other things but I am NOT a computer geek. From know on I will do what I can computer wise and I have certainly given the “I want it to look shiny” a good try but I have also wasted countless number of hours to do it. Yes I could pay someone but again being honest I can’t afford that and just like I won’t work for free I certainly don’t expect anyone else to. This won’t be bad it will just be one less thing that I will stress about and I can get back to writing more and really enjoying it.

Thanks to all of you that have stuck around waiting for me to come to these silly realizations but hey I can walk away from my computer program flops with my head held high. Oh how I am ever so grateful to those of you who do it and for those of you who take HUGE pity on me and give free themes, widgets, and other things that will help me make it look a little cool anyway. What you can expect to see is more on the craft side, especially Machine Knitting that I am in love with right now, and of course other sporadic crafts. I still do have my shop open but have stopped selling yarn, but I am designing more and making more stuff. How I did it was to let go of some of the things I am just not good at and although presentation is very important, again prefer to concentrate more on what I am good at. Happy New Year all and get to crafting.

Modular Crochet back in Print

Oh I had such big plans for keeping up with this site but life does tend to get in the way when you own a business, still do custom crochet and lots of other irons in the fire.  But this news just can NOT wait, look what I found Modular Crochet this is simply amazing and probably about the most popular crochet book EVER.  Yes crochet has never really gotten a good reputation for making garments as some see it as being stiff, un moldable so to speak, no drape and on and on.  Ok throw all that out the window and get your copy of this book right now.  You will not be disappointed and it does show you how to make some pretty simple but yet at the same time over elegant crochet pieces that you can customize to fit your various needs.  If  you have never seen this book, I suggest you ask around to other crocheters and get a glimpse inside.  Everything is simply fabulous to make, Yes you can use any type of yarn, super easy to follow patterns and I guarantee when you get started you will get filled up with a ton more of ideas to put your own twist on the various patterns.  Please spread this news around as I am positive it will sell out very quickly.

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Website extenstions .co vs .com

This is a bit of business craft related and as some of you know I also own other websites that I try to keep up on and one of those is a very very popular one call now how I ended up with that site is no one has really done anything with it since 2001 so I decided to put it back up and try to revive it, which I have been doing.  I have also been trying for several years to buy the which is owned by a nasty nasty foreign company (go type in to get the name of the company so I don’t get sued calling them names on here) now they have ownership of it and are under the impression that I am either made of money (quit laughing) and or that I am somehow a fool and willing to pay a ridiculous price.  Recently I thought they had come to their senses and turns out they haven’t and at this point I no longer even want that extension of my site because well they have held on to it for too long AND pretty much making it worthless.

Why I KNOW it is now worthless is one it has been 14 years they have held on to it with no activity and two, I own the co extension.  I have been pretty happy with that and I recently read an article and found out not only do I actually come out a winner with this but I do not need the .com as the .co is actually taking over with alot of websites so yes I highly recommend that you invest in purchasing the because once you get that up and running AND continue to use it guess what ?  The search engines (we all know how important a search engine is to getting listed) will list your .co site way before your .com site.  Hope that made some sense.  So needless to say I will no longer be in pursuit…ahhh who am I kidding I do not have that kind of money to buy the .com but it is nice to know that I got the better end of the deal in the website name game.

It is very frustrating that these companies buy up website names and hold them hostage for not only me but many others as well BUT there is a light at the end of the tunnel which is why I am spilling the beans here, THEY ARE NOT INVESTING IN THE .CO because it is just a bit more expensive (thank you to the domain goddess for this little help) to register a .co domain and it will not be profitable for them SO with that in mind go get that website name you have been wanting.  Stay tuned and continue to craft.


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Sylvia Cosh and James Walters

There are several crocheters out there that I like and admire but there are two that I idolize and yes it’s a good thing I do not live near because I would get the stalking charge. Sylvia Cosh and James Walters in my eyes are the best of the best in the crochet world. Sylvia Cosh sadly passed away from breast cancer and James Walters continues to bring the most delightful and beautiful techniques to crochet. To my knowledge, the books they have written are no longer being published but if you check List of Books Published you will find a complete list and yes I have them all. I continually refer and use “The Crochet Workshop” because it has how to do everything in crochet. If you ever happen to find a copy grab it because they are few and far between or if you do happen to look at online shops they can be quite pricey.

Although I never did get the priveledge to watch any of them, Sylvia and James did appear on public television with several how to’s and luckily you can now check it out here Workshops and download the many worksheets that are available. They are both the masters of Crochet and of course their wonderful tutorials on freeform, which is what first drew me to these two. Please do check around the rest of the website as there are many pictures and techniques that will certainly show you just how far you can take your crochet.

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Interlocking Crochet Book Review

Looking to add a little bit of color and uniqueness to your projects ? Then this is a great book for you. Personally I am in love with this book, there are 80 yes “eighty” different stitch patterns that you can choose from to create just about anything you desire. In the beginning of this book you will find very clear, easy to follow instructions to get you started with this beautiful Interlocking Crochet technique. One of the perks so to speak, is that there is a design on both sides of your work, making this type of crochet very versatile and well worth learning.

Besides having 80 different stitches to learn, there are several afghans, purses, and scarves in this book but don’t let your imagination stop there. It will be hard to decide which one to try first. This book is definitely going on my “must add to your crochet library” list.

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