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Website extenstions .co vs .com

This is a bit of business craft related and as some of you know I also own other websites that I try to keep up on and one of those is a very very popular one call now how I ended up with that site is no one has really done anything with it since 2001 so I decided to put it back up and try to revive it, which I have been doing.  I have also been trying for several years to buy the which is owned by a nasty nasty foreign company (go type in to get the name of the company so I don’t get sued calling them names on here) now they have ownership of it and are under the impression that I am either made of money (quit laughing) and or that I am somehow a fool and willing to pay a ridiculous price.  Recently I thought they had come to their senses and turns out they haven’t and at this point I no longer even want that extension of my site because well they have held on to it for too long AND pretty much making it worthless.

Why I KNOW it is now worthless is one it has been 14 years they have held on to it with no activity and two, I own the co extension.  I have been pretty happy with that and I recently read an article and found out not only do I actually come out a winner with this but I do not need the .com as the .co is actually taking over with alot of websites so yes I highly recommend that you invest in purchasing the because once you get that up and running AND continue to use it guess what ?  The search engines (we all know how important a search engine is to getting listed) will list your .co site way before your .com site.  Hope that made some sense.  So needless to say I will no longer be in pursuit…ahhh who am I kidding I do not have that kind of money to buy the .com but it is nice to know that I got the better end of the deal in the website name game.

It is very frustrating that these companies buy up website names and hold them hostage for not only me but many others as well BUT there is a light at the end of the tunnel which is why I am spilling the beans here, THEY ARE NOT INVESTING IN THE .CO because it is just a bit more expensive (thank you to the domain goddess for this little help) to register a .co domain and it will not be profitable for them SO with that in mind go get that website name you have been wanting.  Stay tuned and continue to craft.


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Summer is almost gone ALREADY

Hopefully where you are it is a bit dryer and not so rainy as we are getting. Don’t want to complain too loudly as we really do need the rain. Have been working on alot of things and now finish up alot of things to make way for new things, hahaha. Stay tuned we are still here and working away. We did add a forum and please bear with us as we get all that worked out , it will be great. Don’t forget about out new Paranormal site.

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