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Modular Crochet back in Print

Oh I had such big plans for keeping up with this site but life does tend to get in the way when you own a business, still do custom crochet and lots of other irons in the fire.  But this news just can NOT wait, look what I found Modular Crochet this is simply amazing and probably about the most popular crochet book EVER.  Yes crochet has never really gotten a good reputation for making garments as some see it as being stiff, un moldable so to speak, no drape and on and on.  Ok throw all that out the window and get your copy of this book right now.  You will not be disappointed and it does show you how to make some pretty simple but yet at the same time over elegant crochet pieces that you can customize to fit your various needs.  If  you have never seen this book, I suggest you ask around to other crocheters and get a glimpse inside.  Everything is simply fabulous to make, Yes you can use any type of yarn, super easy to follow patterns and I guarantee when you get started you will get filled up with a ton more of ideas to put your own twist on the various patterns.  Please spread this news around as I am positive it will sell out very quickly.

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