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Owning your Own Business Series: Advice and Opinions

The reason I feel it is necessary to start with this first is because once you put it out there: I am THINKING about opening my own business; I am WONDERING about just being self employed; I am TIRED of working for someone else OR however you choose to word it, once spoken there will be many of your friends, co workers and people you hardly know who will start with all of their well intentioned advice. Now before you take any of that advice OR think that they don’t know what they are talking about stop and LISTEN. One of the best things that you can do is learn how to listen. Working for yourself no matter what type of business will require you to learn how to listen, what to retain and what not to retain. I have learned the most valuable lessons from people that have never even owned a business but have either wanted to or have worked for some of the most successful people. You can gain a ton of knowledge by conversations with just about anyone including teens and small kids. Yes there will be times when you will certainly be thinking well yes this is a great and interesting conversation but I just don’t think I am going to learn anything here or the ever famous gee I hope I never have to resort to that when the truth is that sometimes if you are self employed you may have to resort to that and some of that useless information will be the very thing that will keep you afloat.

If you have decided what type of business you are wanting to open, best thing to do is to talk to EVERYONE and I mean an entire range as big as possible to remember who will be your best customers, which ones will be your sometimes customers, and last but not least how you can possibly lure in those who say they would NEVER be your customer. ***When I say lure hopefully that doesn’t sound like you are trying to convert people to buy something they don’t really need or want, what I mean by it is that you will want to actually serve everyone you can so if with your chosen business there is a way to serve them in a comfortable manner then that is what you will want to eventually do.*** You are free of course to take advice and opinions on your chosen business and keep in mind that no matter what business you decided on not everyone will be your type of customer. Yes we all want to win everyone over but don’t concentrate on those that you can’t “lure” in right away. Eventually you will want to plan out how to do that but when you first start out you want to kinda get a guestimate on who WILL be your customers and what better way to do that than to talk to others. Unless you are rubbing elbows with millionaires, I wouldn’t worry too much about someone stealing your business idea just yet but also don’t give away your entire game plan as yes you never know who is listening.

Here is my recommendations to get to a “hmmm I may be on to something stage”:
1. Decide what type of business you have in mind.
2. Can that type of business be branched out later to reach a larger amount of people.
3. Who would be your regular customers in the beginning.
4. Make sure there is not already many variations of this business in your area already.
5. Is it possible to start small and branch out.
6. Did you get alot of negative feedback from your peers/friends/acquaintances
7. Think about what scares you the most about taking this step to owning and running your own business.

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Owning your own Business Series

I have been asked ALOT about what it is like setting up and running your own business and living the life that you want. I want to be VERY clear, I am not an expert on this subject and yes somewhere either online or in person, there are plenty of others that are much more qualified and far more successful than I am. What I will promise you is the honest, dirty little secrets, truth about how it actually is. If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme or you expect this series to be filled with OH MY this is all such wonderful stuff with fluffy butterflies and angels singing….NOPE that will not be coming from me, sorry. Nothing depressing or hopefully won’t be discouraging anyone who wants to either start their own business or wants to kinda compare if you are heading in the right direction and at what point do you say time to change things up.

I can only tell you how it has been working or not working for me and again I want to clarify very carefully, this is how “I” have done it and it will be my experiences, what I have tried so far, why certain things did not work and why certain things have worked. It won’t be a “do it like this or else you will fail” but hopefully more of a down and dirty to the point of what it really takes to run a business, how to keep afloat during those lean times (yeah they don’t tell you any of that in the run your own business seminars and how to get rich books), what I have done to keep my chin up, my opinion on when to switch sides so to speak, and many more subjects. I have read just about every book on how to run a successful business, how to be positive, how to’s on just a huge amount of information but again not one speaks on the deep dark scary secrets (ok I will stop it with that stuff, just kidding). None of it will contain how to get rich quick, I will not require you to buy anything but what I would like to ask of you please, if any of my up coming articles help you in any way….PASS IT ON. If you really want to give something if they help you Please consider giving a monetary donation to your favorite Animal place, such as a shelter, pet sanctuary, non kill shelters or adopt a shelter animal. Not too much to ask ? Also feel free to email me your thoughts even if you think I suck, all criticism are accepted as I think that will be the first article, how much “friend” advice should you take or in a more simple term, if they really knew all that then why don’t they have a business. Yes I am just a tad sarcastic but it is my style so again hopefully this series will help those who are thinking of getting their feet wet and living the “I own my own Company” life. Oh yeah you need an email it is crochetqueen1 at yahoo dot com sorry don’t want robots getting it.