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Crochet Artist Aldo Lanzini

I love to find new crochet related things and one thing that you can always rely on is finding a crochet artist. Let me introduce to you, via my web surfing, Aldo Lanzini and let the ewww and awww begin. From what I have read about him, he does not show his face and the really does put a little bit of mystery about him. He also loves ALIENS (I love them too) and if you take a look around his site The Drop certainly resembles a little bit of an alien gang, and these are sewn and not crocheted but still very fascinating.

His certainly shines when it comes to blending colors, Masks and colorful costumes are enough to give anyone incentive to get their hooks out and start creating. Please do go to his main site Aldo Lanzini Intro grab a cup of tea and spend time just checking out this wonderful fascinating crochet artist.

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