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Crochet is Gaining Momentum

For reasons unknown to me, Crochet has long been thought of as: ugly, bulky, only doilies, only if you want to make a quick afghan etc. etc. Then there are the many horror stories of how one will enter into a yarn store to be told negative things about it (personally this has never happened to me) or that a certain yarn will not look good if it’s crocheted. Not anymore, everywhere you look there is crochet AND it is beautiful, drapey, fitted, and noticeable. There are all types of hooks and accessories all geared toward crocheters to help them get the job done.

There are many people who are really working hard (yes I have noticed) to prove that crochet is a very worthy hobby that everyone should try. Many books have recently hit the shelves, with more coming, that will certainly throw some of the nay sayers into a tail spin. Yes I truly think that there will be jaw dropping, OMG’s all over the place with all the new stuff coming. Every single day I am totally amazed at all the new designs that are presented out there and I am thinking at this point that a second job may be in order for me…..to be able to buy all the new books and gadgets. Of course many of us who are in love with crocheting knew all along that our craft of choice (yes they don’t call me the Crochet Queen for nothing) would be fabulous, popular and famous. Thanks to many of the hard working people who help promote this art.

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