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Crochet Thanksgiving

Pumpkins, falling leaves, and getting a little bit colder….all signs that Thanksgiving is on the way. Look what I found Thanksgiving Turkey Wreath. This is about the cutest thing I have seen in awhile, it has the pumpkins and the turkey. Cornucopia which I designed in my earlier years but even though it is an older design it will still certainly be a great centerpiece or it will add to it.

I love these Gobble Coasters can’t you just imagine these at everyone’s spot on the Thanksgiving table ? Plus if you are feeling generous, let them take it home as a hostess gift and I guarantee everyone will certainly be talking about the diner at your house that year. How about a Basket of Pumpkins which would make a great house decoration on any table.

Last but not least, Monster Crochets , including pumpkin and do not forget your turkeyzilla tote bag the two do go together you know. Here is hoping you have a stress free Thanksgiving.

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