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Interlocking Crochet Book Review

Looking to add a little bit of color and uniqueness to your projects ? Then this is a great book for you. Personally I am in love with this book, there are 80 yes “eighty” different stitch patterns that you can choose from to create just about anything you desire. In the beginning of this book you will find very clear, easy to follow instructions to get you started with this beautiful Interlocking Crochet technique. One of the perks so to speak, is that there is a design on both sides of your work, making this type of crochet very versatile and well worth learning.

Besides having 80 different stitches to learn, there are several afghans, purses, and scarves in this book but don’t let your imagination stop there. It will be hard to decide which one to try first. This book is definitely going on my “must add to your crochet library” list.

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