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Cleaning Up your Craft Room

If I wasn’t so embarrassed, I would of taken a picture of my craft room but instead I will just sort of explain it to you. Yarn everywhere, some things in the right place but very disorganized, things thrown in boxes, lots of totes with just about everything under the sun thrown in, well I think you get the picture. I am sure that more than likely my disorganization is the result of some deep rooted something or another BUT after all this time I decided to clean up. First I started with my 2 rather large legal size filing cabinets that were full of patterns. I went thru them and honestly (that is a very important thing when cleaning up and out) decided what would be going and what would be staying. The results were a 5 shelf book case of what I wanted to keep and the rest I took to my shop to sell. Once I cleared that hurdle, yes I procrastinated about another month before I got enough guts to attempt the actual craft room.

I played hooky one Saturday morning and hit the second hand stores before I opened up and there they were, my extra kick in my back side that I needed to “get r done”!!!! A 3 piece office set which consisted of one low piece with 9 smaller drawers, one piece with 5 short in height but long in width drawers, and one piece that has 2 drawers. I don’t really know if this was a bedroom set or an office set but anyways at $120.00 for all 3 pieces it was a win for me. I have my husband get them home and I purposely had them put into the family room, my reason, they would be in the way so I would HAVE to clean out my craft room in order for them to fit. Well that worked, I got busy on Sunday morning and stayed after it, again using honesty I cleaned, sorted, until I felt satisfied with it. Results are now I know exactly what I have, it is organized, and I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted from me. Yes I am a little bit ashamed that I have accumulated that much stuff but the good thing is I got rid of what I HONESTLY (there is that word again) know that I will never use. From now on I will certainly think about a purchase instead of just grabbing it because it is craft related. Now hopefully this may inspire those of you that need it, to clean out your stash, books, or even yarn. Good Luck

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