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Sylvia Cosh and James Walters

There are several crocheters out there that I like and admire but there are two that I idolize and yes it’s a good thing I do not live near because I would get the stalking charge. Sylvia Cosh and James Walters in my eyes are the best of the best in the crochet world. Sylvia Cosh sadly passed away from breast cancer and James Walters continues to bring the most delightful and beautiful techniques to crochet. To my knowledge, the books they have written are no longer being published but if you check List of Books Published you will find a complete list and yes I have them all. I continually refer and use “The Crochet Workshop” because it has how to do everything in crochet. If you ever happen to find a copy grab it because they are few and far between or if you do happen to look at online shops they can be quite pricey.

Although I never did get the priveledge to watch any of them, Sylvia and James did appear on public television with several how to’s and luckily you can now check it out here Workshops and download the many worksheets that are available. They are both the masters of Crochet and of course their wonderful tutorials on freeform, which is what first drew me to these two. Please do check around the rest of the website as there are many pictures and techniques that will certainly show you just how far you can take your crochet.

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