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Baby Crochet Football Helmet

Although I am not a football fan and yes this post is just a little late for the play offs, I wanted to share this little pattern with you. Baby Crochet Football Helmet by Breezybot isn’t this the cutest thing. Not only can you make it in any color for your favorite team, this little gem can also double as a Roller Derby Helmet for your favorite derby team, which is really more up my alley. Yes Derby girls do occasionally take time out to have a family, but don’t worry they certainly get back on the track. Keep your eye on this site, as it does say she plans on creating a larger size helmet for adults, which would be more than awesome. ***Please do read her copyright terms, and they do say for personal use and if you want to do something else then buy the pattern, which is also very reasonably priced***

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If you use yarn then you have scraps and for whatever reason, we seem to hold on to these no matter how much is left. I’m sure I just belong to some type of yarn hoarder group AND more than likely there will be a reality TV show about this, hehe. Anyway I found a couple of good patterns that would certainly help you make good use of those AND they are even beautiful to look at and honestly to date I have not make color matches and all of mine turn out beautiful, but remember I love colors of all kinds. You are certainly welcome to match colors up if you want to but I do not. First up we have Wool Eater and many thanks go to Sarah London for posting the very fabulous and in detail instructions.

Next on our list is Rainbow never ending Granny Square which I also love and there is even a graph to go along with it. There are many patterns on how to use up your left over yarn but I really love these 2 and what I “try” , remember I said TRY, to do is to start one of these and keep it going as I have scraps or left over yarn. Surprisingly enough if you start one, you see it and usually will just add to it. Good luck with keeping that stash in line.

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