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Owning your own Business Series: Ready to Open

Sorry about that, got a little sidetracked and yes it was about business. Ok I am going to assume at this point you have read thru all of the other articles, taken what you feel is useful and now you are ready. By this time you should currently be setting up your shop/store with shelves, decorations, painting, cleaning, and your inventory should be arriving at a furious pace. Do expect to be a bit overwhelmed but don’t stress too much about this current process. It really should be more exciting than stressful and at this point if you do have great friends who are willing to give you a helping hand, PLEASE ACCEPT THE HELP. Do not be surprised if your vision for one display does not turn out like you want to, it isn’t a big deal, rearrange until you are satisfied with it and go on to the next thing. Be sure to not forget to eat right and rest right at this time, you will not get anything done if you over extend yourself so keep up a little bit of “you” time, such as maybe a 10 minute break with a favorite cup of coffee, treat yourself to a 5 minute nap and well you get the picture.

Because mail and or UPS deliveries can be late, be sure that you have an opening date that is far enough in the future to allow you to get all of your planned inventory in. This happens, it isn’t always the delivery people who are at fault, weather plays a big role in delaying of deliveries. So if you have decided to open in certain seasons, keep in mind just because it is not raining in your area doesn’t mean that somewhere it is and it can make alot of things stand still. Ok going to assume all went well, you are ready to open your doors and welcome the public to your new found adventure. Congrats You did it. feel free to email me crochetqueen1 at yahoo dot com and let me know what you decided to open.

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