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Interlocking Crochet Book Review

Looking to add a little bit of color and uniqueness to your projects ? Then this is a great book for you. Personally I am in love with this book, there are 80 yes “eighty” different stitch patterns that you can choose from to create just about anything you desire. In the beginning of this book you will find very clear, easy to follow instructions to get you started with this beautiful Interlocking Crochet technique. One of the perks so to speak, is that there is a design on both sides of your work, making this type of crochet very versatile and well worth learning.

Besides having 80 different stitches to learn, there are several afghans, purses, and scarves in this book but don’t let your imagination stop there. It will be hard to decide which one to try first. This book is definitely going on my “must add to your crochet library” list.

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Crochet 2012

Happy New Year, yes I made it to 2012 and really believe that this will be a great year. As I have previous reported, crochet is up and coming and it is still making large leaps. For me, Crochet has always been a forced to be reckoned with because of it’s overly flexible nature. More and more designers are showing their tricks and secrets that can be used to create and design just about anything you desire. Tunisian is also making headway, many crocheters are discovering that Tunisian or Afghan Crochet can be used in many different ways, gives a nice drape, texture especially for garments. Next is Slip Stitch Crochet, yes I will agree that using this technique in the round is about the best way to get it’s effect. Many socks, hats, gloves, and skirts are being made with this easy branch of crochet.

Knooking has certainly made a huge appearance. As a teacher of Crochet and Knitting, I can’t stress enough the joy that many crocheters are experiencing as they now can knit with a crochet hook. It is easily learned and every knit pattern can be converted over to a knooking one. Leisure Arts has a small kit that can be purchased to learn the technique and there are quit a few groups on Yahoo and Ravelry that are great places to learn all the tricks and of course get any help that you may need. There are also several other surprises that are coming up pretty quick that I will certainly be sharing with you here so be on the look out. Yes I do think this will be a great year especially for Crochet.

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